About BYS

BYS saved my life. I was in a dark place when I started at BYS.  A friend recommended that I go see Tara.  I could talk to her about everything…..I am now the person I want to be and am ready to grow even more as I leave BHS to pursue my passions. – 2017 BHS Graduate

School. Sports. Extracurricular activities. Struggles at home. Struggles with friends. Growing up has always been difficult, but now more than ever, teens seem to be living in a pressure cooker.

At Bainbridge Youth Services, we help teens blow off steam, learn coping skills, and manage stress in order to help them live a healthy and balanced life.

Since 1962, BYS has served teens and the community. Our mission is to promote the social and emotional well being of all Bainbridge and North Kitsap adolescents through counseling and diverse outreach programs and services. . We provide professional, no-fee, confidential Counseling for adolescents in our community, ages 12-21.

Our website, AskBYS.org allows youth and their families to anonymously research issues, reach out to professional counselors and schedule one-on-one counseling sessions.

Number of Youth Served: 1,400-plus counseling hours during 2016-2017 School Year for more than 250 youth.

Most common reason for coming to BYS: Anxiety issues, Depression and Family conflict, followed closely by peer conflict.

Job programs: Our six-week, paid summer internship program will employ about 35 students in 2019. Last year, BYS supported a paid internship program for 32 juniors and seniors. Our year-round job board supports 90+ employers and many more students who are looking for jobs.

Service to Youth: BYS honors more than 100 youth each year for their Acts of Compassion at our November ceremony. BYS has partnered with community organizations to host four Healthy Youth Summits where youth and adults can talk about how Bainbridge Island can be a healthier community for youth to grow and thrive.