About BYS

The skills I have learned from working with a BYS counselor have helped me learn how to work with anxious feelings that were interfering with my life and I am sleeping better. These skills have come in handy coping with all the changes brought by this pandemic.  Working with my counselor also helped me open up to people and I feel less lonely.

BHS Freshman

Working with a BYS Counselor has started a journey of discovering who I am. I am now giving myself permission to feel what I am feeling and am much more in touch with my emotions. This has allowed me to find more balance in my life and live life more fully.

BHS Senior

Bainbridge Youth Services (BYS) is dedicated to promoting the social and emotional well-being of all community adolescents ages 13-21 through counseling and diverse outreach programs and services.  Our aspirational vision is that by 2025, all graduating high school students will score highly hopeful on the Healthy Youth Survey, one of the best indicators of well-being.  We define hope as the belief that my future can be better and brighter than today and that I play a role in making it so. 

BYS offers youth space to reflect, recharge, find support, and practice the skills that lead to high levels of hope. We decrease barriers to accessing our services as they are completely free to students.  Our programs, social media, and awareness campaigns normalize struggle as a natural part of the human experience and provide pathways to hope.


FREE, CONFIDENTIAL COUNSELING Five part-time master’s level counselors work with youth ages 13-21 to listen, support, and promote healthy mindsets. This program is now provided by phone or secure video connection.

PEER TO PEER TUTORING Our Think Tank Tutoring program links high school-aged tutors with peers and youth of any age.

YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS While on hold for the summer of 2020, we normally offer a broad range of summer internships for teens. We also connect teens to local job postings throughout the year.

YOUTH RECOGNITION PROGRAMS We honor acts of service, integrity, courage, and environmental stewardship through our Compassionate Action Celebration. The Rose Grant is an annual scholarship for a graduating senior to encourage them to pursue their passion.

LEAD FROM WITHIN Well-being and leadership skills start from within and are cultivated and grown through this weekly program. Youth strengthen their own well-being toolkit and in turn support their peers in doing the same.

DIVERSE OUTREACH PROGRAMS BYS counselors teach stress reduction skills to sports teams, health classes, and more. Teen Tech Tutors mentor senior citizens in the use of their electronic devices. The Juvenile Diversion Board keeps juvenile offenders out of the criminal court system.

FREE PARENT COACHING Being a parent is never easy. Now, more than ever, parents need support as they navigate all of the change brought by the pandemic. Parent(s) or guardian(s) can find support and learn new skills to help maintain healthy relationships with their child (or children) over 6-8 sessions working with a BYS professional counselor.